Cacao-Trace: Chocolate Bonus distribution 2018

Chocolate Bonus distribution 2017

4 Feb 2019

Our Commitments

Chocolate Bonus distribution 2018

One of the things that makes our Cacao-Trace programme so unique is our Chocolate Bonus.

Cacao-Trace involves a close long-term partnership with carefully selected cocoa farming communities. Our farmers are trained to deliver higher quality cocoa beans. When they achieve this, they receive a ‘quality’ premium on top of their farm gate price.

In addition, Cacao-Trace has introduced the Chocolate Bonus which involves Puratos customers and end consumers in the programme.  This bonus allows us to connect with the farming communities and share the benefits by giving them an extra €0.10 per kilo of chocolate that is sold. This adds up to the equivalent of about 1 or 2 extra months’ salary for the farmers.
Only by creating value and sharing it with the farming communities can we guarantee a sustainable future for our industry.

Thanks to our customers we collected in 2018 a Chocolate bonus amounting to 288.000€*!
The Chocolate Bonus was already distributed in Vietnam, Philippines and for the first time in Ivory Coast.

We are happy to have impact on the life of almost 8000 Cacao-Trace farmers!
While at the same time creating together exceptional tasting chocolate.

*subject to exchange rate