Join an exceptional world of exceptional chocolate

13 Sep 2018

Our Commitments

At Puratos we’re committed to a sustainable future for chocolate. What sets our Cacao-Trace sustainable cocoa sourcing programme apart is that our main focus is on quality and creating a value for everyone, from the cocoa farmers to your customers, through taste improvement.

Why better fermentation pays off for you

Great tasting chocolate can only come from well-fermented cocoa beans. Just as a great wine depends on how its grapes are fermented, the more expertly fermented the beans, the better the final chocolate will taste.

That’s why we take fermentation in our Cacao-Trace programme a step further. We set up post-harvest centres close to our cocoa farmers. There, our expert fermenters monitor and improve the fermentation process, and check the quality of the cocoa beans. This ensures that our chocolate will have a consistently exceptional taste.

How good taste pays off for our farmers

Training, fair and premium pricing for cocoa farmers are part of our sustainable programme. But we’re always looking for other unique ways to make Cacao-Trace even better, and to improve their lives.

Our Chocolate Bonus really sets our programme apart

It’s a way in which you and your customers can make a really positive difference to the lives of our cocoa farmers. For every kilo of chocolate you buy, €0.10 goes straight back to the cocoa farmer communities. Your contribution often adds up to the equivalent of an extra month’s salary for them. This means that they get their fair share from the great chocolate that they’ve helped to create.

You can join an exceptional world of exceptional taste

Cacao-Trace not only guarantees that your chocolate will taste exceptionally delicious, it also gives you the opportunity to make a real difference.

You’ll also have a compelling story to tell your customers in a world where consumers are ever more concerned about sustainability and quality. Show you customers you care and that your exceptional taste goes far beyond your chocolate.

Try it out yourself by using our versatile Cacao-Trace range. Perhaps you’d like to spoil your customers with a chocolate mousse that makes a difference? Maybe you’d prefer to make a mouth-watering chocolate lava cake, a high-end praline or a delicious brownie to enjoy on the go? Or perhaps you’d prefer something even more exclusive?

If you'd like more information about our Cacao-Trace chocolate and why good taste pays off for everyone, please contact your sales representative