Meet your customers needs: Breads to bake at home

13 Jul 2020


Worldwide, we see that consumers make fewer visits to shops, spend less time in stores and have a tendency to stock up on certain products. This also applies to bakeries and bakery aisles.

As freshness remains a crucial element for consumers, we have gathered some tips and tricks, to offer your customers the opportunity to eat freshly baked baguettes at home without having to come to your store every day. This meets their needs while ensuring you keep your business going amid covid-19 and the best news is that there is no need to change your current recipe.  

Steps to follow

  1. Reduce the temperature of the oven with 25% to avoid that the baguettes start flaking (pieces of the crust falling off).  E.g. For baguettes of 160g, the baking time is 16min at 220° Celsius or 428° F.
  2. Take the products out of the oven once they start coloring.
  3. After cooling down the baguettes to a core temperature of 35° C or 95 F, put them into a plastic or zip bag.
  4. Give the following instructions to your customer on a paper or a sticker: 
  • Bake off at home at 180-200° C (360-395F) for about 12 minutes or until they have reached the desired.
  • The baguettes can be frozen or kept at ambient temperature for 2 days