How bakers, patisseirs, and chocolatiers adapt business amid covid-19 crisis

25 May 2020


Strict hygiene measures, rapidly changing consumer needs and overall uncertain business circumstances: How are bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers responding to covid-19? This article offers you a handful of worldwide examples.

Business as ‘usual’

As far as the situation allows you, one of the best things to do is stay as close to your normal routines as possible. This will help your employees stay calm and focused, while customers will find comfort in purchasing products and services from their familiar bakery stores. 

  • To keep on offering their handmade bakery goods in a safe way, German Zeit Für Brot emphasizes the need for social distancing by urging people to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, to pay attention to ground markings and pay cashless. 

  • On Facebook, US-based Bakery Nouveau’s shares the so-called ‘Cleaning Song’ their team created to underline the hygiene guidelines and reassured their customers.  

Online ordering for social distancing

By offering online ordering, your customers are able to order 24/7 and choose to gather the products in a way that they prefer. Furthermore, it will make it easier for you to manage orders and react to customer demand.

  • Family-owned Australian Coogee Beach Bakery added free home deliveries to those who do not wish or are not able to go outside. To show their appreciation, they offer health care workers free coffee and a loaf of bread. 
  • Bakkerij Carl, from Belgium has adapted how it is serving its customer by adding a Drive-through service to its online ordering system, allowing them to respect social distancing.
  • To keep employees and customers safe, as well as support the livelihood of the team, Dominique Ansel Bakery decided to close all the seating areas and offer only online takeout or delivery at two of their New York bakeries. Regarding take-out, they will be limiting the number of people entering as well. 
  • Belgium chocolatier Anton had to close down during one of the busiest moments. As Easter eggs and bunnies were piled up, he decided to start delivering them by himself, while wearing gloves and a face mask.

Adapted product range and services

In an attempt to keep services up, multiple entrepreneurs are minimizing their usual product range. However, coronavirus seems to boost creativity as well. 

  • San Francisco bakery BUTTER& had rescued the business by creating ‘Quarantine cakes’ that feed smaller groups. Cakes are decorated with messages like ‘wash your hands’ and ‘don't touch your face’. 

  • Vietnam-based ABC Bakery is in booming business because of selling pink bread, made from tons of dragon fruit that would have gone to waste because of changed trade regulations. 
  • As a reaction to orders being canceled, Dutch patisserie Zoet. is now offering free online cake courses. Additionally, she delivers the needed ingredients and supplies. She follows the example of Italian Deli Davide Longoni Panificio who is sharing homemade bread recipes with the confined community. 


Complete shutdown

Regretfully, some businesses have no other option than to shut down their business completely.
As hoped, closing down businesses will help in flattening the coronavirus curve and will thereby help shops to soon reopen and continue their business in producing the best bread, patisserie, and chocolate.