Wool Roll Bread Cheese Hazelnut


Working Method


Mixing Spiral : Mix 2 minutes on low speed and 2 minutes on high speed. Add butter, mix 2 minutes on low speed, and finally 7 minutes on high speed until smooth.

Dough temperature : 27°C

Bulk fermentation : 10 min

Scale : 50 gr / 5 pcs

Intermediate proof : 10 min


Make up/filling

Make up : Roll out the dough lengthwise then crimp the dough with a dough cutter then top it with Carat hazelnut supercream & Cremfil Cheese filling.

Final fermentation : 60  min. at 28°C and 80% R.H.


Decoration before baking

Decorating after baking : Sunset Glaze



Baking temperature : 180°C . Top Fire, 210°C Bottom Fire

Baking time : 18 min





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