Vivafil Pineapple

A Bake stable pineapple fruit filling for bakery and patisseries and contain minimum 20% real fruit

  • Ready to use
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Bake stable
  • Fresh
  • Contains min. 20% real fruit
Description: Vivafil Pineapple Bucket 5Kg
  • Product code: 4111565
  • Packaging: BUC 5.0 KG
  • Shelf life: 182 Days
  • Palletisation: AP500.0KG
Customer advantages
  • Ready-to-use
  • contain min 20% real fruit content
  • Bake stable
Consumer advantages
  • Great Taste
  • contain min 20% real fruit content
  • Bake stable

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