Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace

Great taste for years and years and years

Our conventional Belcolade Selection range is already well known for its great taste and excellent performance. With our new addition, Belcolade Selection Lait and Noir Cacao-Trace, we’ve raised the bar still further and created one of the finest chocolates available on the market today.

  • Best taste thanks to the fully controlled fermentation of the cocoa beans
  • Sustainable support for cocoa farmers via the Chocolate Bonus
  • Outstanding performance
  • Unique storytelling opportunities

* tested with 192 consumers at a risk of 10%

Customer advantages
  • Real Belgian Chocolate
  • Best taste due to controlled fermentation of the cocoa beans
  • High versatility
  • Sustainable: sharing value with cocoa farmers
  • Unique storytelling opportunities
Consumer advantages
  • Best taste
  • Contributes to the future of great tasting chocolate
  • Supporting local cocoa farmers

Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace confirms its superior taste, as it was the most preferred chocolate in a consumer taste test*. Better still, you have a great story to tell. You can reassure your customers that your products are made with respect both for cocoa farmers and the environment and that together you are actively contributing to the future of great tasting chocolate.


Cacao Trace

Cacao-Trace is Puratos’ sustainable cocoa programme. It has two aims: empower farmers to produce better quality beans and ensure that cocoa farming remains an attractive business in the future.

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