Hottest Patisserie Trends for 2023

28 Jun 2022

Taste Tomorrow

Consumers are chasing pure tradition, classics with a twist and permissible indulgence 

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In this article, we share three key patisserie trends that will be most prominent in 2023. 

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Today, inflation & rising prices are a top concern for consumers globally with 96% of people being concerned about its impact on their household spendings. Our latest Taste Tomorrow survey results indicated that indulgent treats is one of the most impacted food and beverage categories. Despite the fact that 29% of consumers are trying to purchase less of cakes, patisserie and sweet goods to save money (versus 12% for staple foods like bread), around 34% of consumers globally continue to indulge themselves often with sweet baked goods. What is most interesting is that the quality of the cakes and patisserie products remain key. 40% of consumers worldwide don’t want to go for the cheapest creations, but keep buying the quality they trust. 

What are the three biggest trends that will shape the patisserie industry in 2023? 

Discover now: 

1. Plant-based revolution

Plant-based is the strongest growing trend according to the Taste Tomorrow always-on trend radar. Vegan and plant-based diets continue to grow more established, with more consumers following the diet either part or full-time. As concerns about the environment and health, along with animal welfare persist, and with a greater variety of plant-based options available, many more consumers will enjoy indulging in plant-based sweet treats and patisserie creations in 2023. 

Many vegans feel pride when pursuing plant-based foods. At the same time, vegan treats are an enjoyable and permissible indulgent moment for many. 

Even in the French pastry market, which has a long and strong tradition, the vegan patisserie is an innovation that is in high demand. Veganism is also associated with eating ‘clean’ foods, such as chocolate creations sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, for instance. 

Didn’t try to make your patisserie creations fully plant-based? You should definitely try to do so ahead of 2023. 

2. Health-conscious consumer

Healthier food is a continuing trend that will grow further in 2023. Of course, consumers still allow themselves moments of carefree indulgence, but overall less sugar, fat, gluten and carbs are very much on consumers’ minds. Taking care of one’s physical or mental health is the #1 priority in the USA, Canada and Japan according to our recent Taste Tomorrow research. 

Functional foods that contain ingredients that have a positive effect on the mind or the body will generate more and more attention next year. It is about foods with specific health-boosting properties, consumed mainly for this specific purpose. They are often plants and fruits which are rich in vitamins or, for example, have reported antioxidant properties.

Interest in natural and organic foods has remained fairly stable in the past years. Natural retains a health halo where it dials up the permissibility of sweet foods and the perceived health benefits.

In 2023, pastry and patisserie creations are expected to be wholesome and tasty, with natural replacements for sugar being welcome by consumers worldwide, as the health perception of sugar decreases over time (13% in 2021 versus 18% in 2015). 

3. Classics are trending 

Consumers seek comfort and moments of indulgence through products that pay homage to traditional or authentic recipes. Patisserie is a segment that lends itself perfectly to a strong emotional connection to food. 

The ‘Classics Continued’ trend is on the rise consistently across bakery, chocolate and patisserie sectors. With a steady growth of 8%, it is highly important due to the bulk of consumers’ conversations on this topic online. It also appears in the top five trends across multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.  

To be in line with consumer demands for sweet treats and patisserie in 2023, you should focus on mastering the classics and explore ways of re-inventing them. 

Do not know where to start? 

At Puratos, we have a complete portfolio of ingredients that can help you re-invent patisserie in a creative, healthier and more sustainable way. 


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