Half Moon


Tegral 4ever cake 500 Tegral 4Ever Cake Banana
Eggs 200
Banana 250
Oil 175
Cake total 1125
Carat Coverlux Dark 696
Fresh cream 348
Ganache total 1044
Carat Decorcrem 1566 Carat Decorcrem Dark
Coating total 1566

Working Method
  1. Smash banana. Mix Tegral 4Ever Cake Banana, eggs and banana until well blended then add oil.  
  2. Pour in a baking tray and bake at 180°C for 35 mins. 
  3. After baked, cut into layers and cut into round shape. 
  4. Stack 4 layers with ganache in between. 
  5. Coating with Carat Decorcrem Dark to cover the whole parts.

  1. Boil fresh cream and fold in chopped Carat Coverlux Dark until well mixed.