Consumer Understanding

city-snacking Puratos continuously innovates, with the exclusive aim to help you grow your business. Even though technology plays a fundamental role during the development of our products, innovation always starts with our passion for the consumer. Local and international consumer surveys, shopper research, trend watching, sensorial analysis... We have developed our own set of tools to closely monitor what drives consumer choices. You, as our customer, can benefit from a unique mixture of consumer insights, relevant to their business.
In addition to a changing economic dynamic across the globe, there are a few megatrends driving the food business, namely health and nutrition, convenience, pleasure and taste.

Digestive health

Trend: Among men and women alike, digestive health problems have been a continuous concern. There is general awareness that food can help overcome these problems, mainly thanks to the dairy sector’s efforts in communication regarding probiotics, live micro-organisms that are added to food and that help with digestion. In the bakery and patisserie world, fibres are commonly used to address digestive health.  

Solution: Puratos and Fugeia established an alliance to develop novel breads with digestive health benefits. Rather than probiotics, prebiotics are used as a better alternative, since they resist the baking process and don’t need specific storage conditions. Prebiotics are fermentable food ingredients that feed probiotics already present in the digestive system.

Low fat

Trend: The global obesity epidemic has led to a growth in the slimming and low fat product market. Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of weight issues and look for solutions in their nutrition. As a result, nutritional information on labels is read more carefully and has become a driver for purchase decisions. 

Solution: Puratos has launched Puraslim, an alternative for traditional fats, which allows for the reduction of the amount of fat in breads and cakes.

Salt reduction

Trend: Especially for bakery, sodium reduction could potentially have a great effect on public health as products from this category generally contribute up to 38% of the daily intake. Along with the European legislation, which imposes a sodium reduction of 16% in all food categories, baked goods reduced in sodium will form a very relevant proposition in Europe. Other parts of the world are likely to follow. 

Solution: As part of our Sapore range, we have launched Nabucco: a natural sourdough enhancing salty flavours, which allows for the reduction of salt.


Trend: The ‘simplicity’ trend is leading to a renewed interest in authentic ingredients, in products that are inherently healthy. Indeed, consumers are becoming more skeptical towards foods that claim to provide immediate benefits. Food with more traditionally known benefits, such as bread, fruit, vegetables and milk, will play a more dominant role in “health”. 

Solution: Puratos has a growing range of products meeting this trend.

Individual packaging

Trend: Before being sealed in a bigger container, increasingly more products are wrapped individually for more convenience and on-the-go consumption. This trend extends the offer for snacking on-the-go. 

Solution: Puratos is able to help its customers develop convenient, single-portioned products. We also have numerous solutions to increase freshness over time.

Premiumisation and authenticity

Trend: Up-market food is gaining importance in the frame of a more general renaissance of indulgence. An illustration of this is the rising interest in locally manufactured ingredients, combined with a willingness to pay a premium for locally sources food. 

Solution: The Belcolade Collection range contains the most delicious origin and organic/bio chocolates, each one having its own very specific and unique taste.


Trend: Taste, but also touch and smell, remain key drivers for innovations in food. More than 90% of consumers think taste is the most important repurchase driver for food. 

Solution: Puratos has developed a broad range of sourdoughs from around the world, each reflecting its home trends, tastes and traditions.