Consumer Understanding - Sensobus New Our Puratos Sensobus is a unique, fully equipped sensory analysis lab on wheels, which can visit customer locations, where it is used to identify consumer preferences on the spot. The Sensobusses, which are present in the European and North American market, can welcome up to 300 consumers a day, who will give their sensory input. This information is analysed by our researchers, who can then use it to suggest to you what would be the most suitable product or solution your actual consumers are looking for.

The Sensobus makes for a fast and easy way to get to the heart of your business activities: the preferences of your consumers. What’s more, the research is conducted right where your consumers do their daily food shopping.

It conducts tests all over Europe, as well as in North America. With our Sensobus, you can quickly discover what your consumers prefer and with the help of our researchers understand which solution fits best. To know how to benefit from this unique service, contact us.